Member work

Member work

Friday, 15 January 2021

"Take a book ..." co-create session

Members who took part in this challenge last Saturday said they really enjoyed it, and were enthusiastic about having a go at something they might not have thought about otherwise.

Most people were happy to share what they had created at the afternoon Zoom show-and-tell session, and it was wonderful to see such a wide variety of ideas and fabulous pieces produced in such a short time.

Here is another look at some of those.  We would be delighted to post more pictures if anyone else would like to share theirs.


Gill's owl was inspired by the flamingo made by Sarah Louise Matthews in this book, which illustrates layering.
"I will be putting him in my lockdown samples book. This only took 3 hours work, so next time I could do the technique with more care."


Judi says, "I still have more hand stitching and beads, etc to add. The piece is approx 6"x6". It includes paper fabric, painted Bondaweb ironed onto velvet, painted and stamped tags, copper sheets, cut into various shapes, embossed, and painted with alcohol inks, then 'aged' using gesso.  Pieces of the 'paper' fabric were cut into strips, machine embroidered onto a calico/felt background. Each was then embellished with the various elements of mixed media. Organza was added to some strips, and some 'friendly plastic' was also incorporated."


Margherita used Anne Kelly's Textile Folk Art to make a folding book, using nuno felt backed with kozo paper and machine-stitched appliqué. 


Jenny's piece is from the chapter ‘Unfolding story’ by Amanda Hislop, but she is making cards instead of a folding book.  (Great idea! - Ed.)

Please send your photos to:

Thursday, 14 January 2021

"Take a book ... " challenge

Our co-create day last Saturday was a challenge, in a fun way, to take a book and use it as inspiration for a piece of stitching to do on the day. We almost all have textile-related books on our shelves - some we refer to regularly, and others that tend to be less well used - and so this was an opportunity to challenge ourselves to try something new or different.

We convened via Zoom in the morning for a short presentation compiled by Gill of pictures shared by the Travelling Book group, who had previously had a go at this challenge.  Below you can see their pages again, and in the next post we will share pictures of pieces created on the day.

Monday, 11 January 2021

JETS makes

As promised, here are some of the items that Junior Embroiderers have made since they were last able to meet.

Firstly, Emily made this beautifully decorated bird as a school project:

New member, Lara completed her cactus, which was a recent theme, with lots of beads and a flower:

and Amy made this fabulous array of hearts to sent to Coventry University Hospital:

Well done, girls!

More photos on our Instagram page: @leam.embroiderers.guild

Junior Embroiderers 2021

Our Junior Embroiderers have been very busy during lockdown, making items for themselves and gifts for others.  There is more about that in a separate post, but for now a quick update on what we will be doing this year.

We are planning a Zoom sew-along, which will involve each junior member with a helper, to produce a set of personalised bunting that can be used at events later on.

When we are able to return to the hall safely, our theme will be 

fairies, elves, pixies, woodland and nature  

tiny items to be made for an exhibit - a possible DeDenne competition entry.  When we do return to the hall, it may be necessary to split the group to comply with church requirements.  This will involve lots of helpers and co-ordination, and so we really will need more helpers to join in, please.

I would be very happy to hear from you if you can give a few hours on a Saturday, 9.30 - 11.45 am or 12.30 - 3.00 pm (or both!).  The JETS are mixed ages, and all we require is your ability to thread needles, sit on a chair, drink coffee, and smile. 😊 The JETS do the rest.

Happy Sewing!
Please contact:
JETS Group Leader, 

* * * * * * * 
also has lots of information for young embroiders and textile students.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Member stitching and "Take a Book" session

A gorgeous stitched portrait by Jenny of her 3-year old grandson - a gift for his parents.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We're really looking forward to this Saturday's (9th January) stitch session:

Take a Book

The idea is simply to take a book off the shelf, and use the opportunity in the morning to try a new technique, start a new design or play with new colour combinations or threads.  Anything goes .... just h
ave fun.

We will get together again in the afternoon for a show-and-tell.

Please contact if you have any queries or have not received Zoom login details.

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Christmas makes, past and present

We thought there was just time before Christmas to share a few more of our members' seasonal makes.

Firstly, Judi sent these photos of her fabulous embroidered bobbin:

These are some of Gill's beautiful entries for Christmas competitions over the past few years:

Gill also shared this image of a teddy's bed and blankets she made for a child without many toys. They are lovingly made from a chocolate box lid and spare fabrics.

The idea behind this unusual advent calendar is to hang up a star each day, representing a treat of one's choice. Gill has offered to provide instructions for next year if people are interested ...

Finally, Janet's wreath was made for a branch competition a couple of years ago:

It has been so much fun posting images of members' fabulous makes, so please do keep them coming in the New Year.

Meanwhile, we are wishing everyone a very 

Friday, 18 December 2020

The Needlewoman's Prayer

In case you missed Jenny's reading of this at the Christmas Jolly, here's a chance to enjoy it again:

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

The Needlewoman’s Prayer

God grant that I may see the stitch

Until my dying day 

And when my last short thread is clipped

And scissors tucked away

The work that I have done lives on

That other folk may see

The pleasures I have known, Lord,

In the skill you gave to me.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Monday, 7 December 2020

Christmas Makes, and a request

Just before we indulge in another look at the Christmas makes we saw at the Christmas Jolly, a request:

🎄If you still have new Christmas makes that haven't been included, 
please do share your photos.

🎄 We will also be posting an article on competition makes from previous years. If you have items you made for previous branch Christmas competitions, please also send photos to:

We asked members to send in photos of anything they had made recently as Christmas gifts, decorations or simply completed projects.  

It's been wonderful to see such a range of items and to appreciate our members' skills and creativity. 

Advent calendar made for Judy's daughter's dog - daily treats :)🐶

Lucy's trees were made from scratch by bending metal to form the branches and twigs, 
wrapping them in fabric, then making the decorations.
Judi's entry to her village Christmas Tree Trail - based on the TV ad featuring Kevin the carrot.

Two of a set of six placemats.

Norsemen (Please don't call us 'gnomes'!)

The Christmas tree fabric on the left was inspired by our ceramics workshop a few months ago.

A further example from Anne Griffiths' Illustrated Letters workshop last month.

Beth has recently been doing a printing course.

Inspired by a boro stitching course.

The Christmas tree decorations are sitting on a stitched tablecloth.

Intended as gifts for family and friends.

Two reindeer - not the back and front of the same one!

Hand stitched Christmas ornaments

Reusable face cloths, headbands and bags: gifts for family members.
Back and front of a boro/sashiko stitched pouch using vintage and recycled materials.
Photo shows the pouch opened out and inside pocket.
The centre picture was started at our Black & White workshop earlier in the year.

All items made by Caroline, including honey, wax stars and beeswax from her own bees.
Gifts made from vintage linens
Upcycled jacket with embroidery

Experimental sketching

Our grateful thanks go to Programme Secretary, Gill, for organising the super presentation of members' stitching at our Christmas Jolly.