Member work

Member work

Monday, 15 May 2017

JETS make felt

For most of the girls, this was their first wet felting session.  They thoroughly enjoyed it and made some good pieces of felt ...  
Laying out the wool fibres
Applying soapy water
Adding a bit of embellishment

The felt has now been given boiling water treatment and dried
Over the next couple of sessions they will develop the pieces further.

Also in the next session, they will have a chance to use a die-cutting machine.

Friday, 12 May 2017


May's workshop was a lovely stitching, slashing, burning day with Kathleen Laurel Sage!

Kathleen is well known for her floral organza designs, and also her innovative use of materials to create panels, bags, jewellery and 3D items.

Following a packed talk, illustrated with lots of examples and slides the previous evening, that led us through Kathleen's many-stage transition from hand embroidery to the design and development of her distinctive machine-embroidered floral work, we were treated to a fairly intensive day producing our own panels.  

While some people preferred to create their own designs, Kathleen's ready-prepared kits took away a lot of the uncertainty - and for some of us, time spent dithering!  The kits are beautifully assembled with all the materials, design, instructions, process diagram and reference photo, and enabled those using them to really focus on the stitching and creating, and to complete a panel during the day.

These lovely lacy designs use organza fabrics trapped between layers of dissolvable film, which are machine embroidered and then cut back, and finally cut out with a soldering iron.  The whole process gave us a thorough understanding of the techniques Kathleen uses and the confidence to apply them to our own designs.

Kathleen is a friendly, relaxed, helpful tutor.  She is also well organised and made sure we kept to a pretty strict timetable to ensure that we got through all the stages and had a super panel to take away at the end of the day.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Leamington Member's Pop-Up Gallery - postponed

Unfortunately, this event has had to be postponed to a later date.  Please keep an eye open for the artists during Warwickshire Open Studios fortnight in June.

Dear Friends
I would be delighted if you could pop in to see me and five other artists at:
Future Rabbit Studio Pop Up Gallery and Shop

at 10 Grove Street, Leamington Spa
We are open on
Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd April
from 11-4pm
Best wishes
Fiona Metcalfe

JETS Creations

Over the months of February, March and April JETS have been busy making an egg and a creature that hatched out of the egg.

In the February workshop the girls and some of the helpers glued scraps of organza over a blown-up balloon.  In the following workshop the balloons were popped and the eggs were embroidered and sequins added.

Then the creatures were cut out of felt and embroidered.  These are just a few of the creations.

The original idea was for all the girls to make a bird - but some of them had other ideas -

and we had a fish, a snake and a butterfly.  

We didn't have quite enough time, and the girls will finish their creatures at home. We are looking forward to seeing their beautiful completed creatures.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spring Members' Day

Our Members' Day continued the 'Seasons' theme that we started last autumn.  (1st April - didn't notice any April fools, though!)

Our Programme Secretaries, Gill and Lucy, demonstrated some image transfer techniques, which we tried out - with varying degrees of success - to transfer spring-related images onto fabric. It was fun, and provided useful techniques for future use.

Gill had brought in some ready-made examples to get us on track:

Then we got on with some stitching, nattering, enjoying a lovely bring-and-share lunch, and generally having a very enjoyable day.

Our thanks to Gill and Lucy for the effort they put into the demo's, gathering resources and sharing their materials so generously, and generally making the day a success.

Progress so far: one version of Spring (left), Autumn (centre) and Winter (right)

Monday, 27 March 2017

Saturday 1st April - Members' Day

This Members' Day will be themed on the season of Spring,
running, as usual, from 10.00 till 4.00 at St Mary's Hall.
Entrance: £5

We would be delighted if you could join us to continue with the Seasons.
This is a completely stand alone day and you do not need to have been to any other seasons days to join in.
Suitable for all levels – from beginners to the more experienced.
 Two short demonstrations: image transfer and thread painting by hand or machine.

Alternatively, you could sit with your fellow members and stitch some ongoing work.

Lunchtime will be another of our lovely bring and share lunches

Recommended Requirements list

v  Sewing machines (hand stitch options are available)
v  Extension lead and a selection of machine threads - if bringing machine
v  General sewing kit, threads, scissors, needles.
v  Bring any pictures you may have collected as inspiration – although we will be bringing lots for all to share. 
v  If using for your theme; needle felt kit and wools
v  Seasons work prepared to date
v  Bring & share Lunch
v  Glasses (if required)
v  For one of the demos you may wish to bring gloves and an apron if you like to use them.
v  A4 (approx) pieces of cream/white calico x2
v  Water soluble fabric if using in your themes.
v  Small pieces of fabric to back your finished piece.
v  A lamp if you have one as the lighting in the hall is a little poor.

Don’t forget your name badges

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Whipping, Stitching and iPad covers

Caroline Lindsay's talk and mini workshop on Friday evening, "50 Shades of Whipping and Lacing" had us trying out a variety of stitches, which was fun, and also drooling over Caroline's sumptuous and very tactile felt pieces created for exhibitions and shows (looks like another workshop coming up in the future ...).   
Caroline Lindsay, box lid
Caroline Lindsay, box lid
Here's a snapshot of some samples stitched on the night:




* * * * * * * * * * *

There was further stitching on Saturday 4th at Sue Frances's workshop to make a disguise for an iPad, tablet or notebook.  This was a chance to use some of the scraps of fabric that we all accumulate over time.  

Sue brought along some of her own work for inspiration, and it was also a chance to get to know other members and to be inspired by their use of colour and layout.

The technique is to lay scraps of fabric on a length of calico which will accommodate your iPad or other device, and use machine zigzag to hold them in place.

The piece can then be further embellished by hand if required, before adding a backing and making it into a simple pouch.