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Monday, 9 September 2013

October talk: "Seas of Grass" - Michala Gyetvai

We are delighted that Michala Gyetvai, well-known local textile artist, will be coming to the branch on 4th October to talk about her art work and what led her, since childhood, to work with the materials she uses - principally machine stitch onto wool blankets, following her studies in pastels.  Her talk will trace the inspirations and influences that led to the development of her textile work into the vivid and often large-scale pieces for which she has become known.

Michaela Gyetvai, 'Abbey Fields'
'Abbey Fields'
Michala Gyetvai, 'Homage a Matisse'
'Homage a Matisse'

Michala's work has been exhibited at the Herbert Art Gallery, amongst others, and featured in "Stitch" and "Embroidery" magazines.  Her talk on 4th October will be illustrated with some of the large pieces Michala is working on currently, together with her sketch books and paintings, and she will give us an insight into how she put her exhibition together (a very topical subject for our branch).

Don't miss what promises to be an inspiring, colourful and 'tactile' evening!

If you would like to see more of Michala's work, you can find it at:

Michala Gyetvai, Thread Drawers

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